Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Noughties #60: Adem "Love and Other Planets" (Domino, 2006)

The groundwork for Adem Ilhan's musical career was laid down as the bassist for the London post-rock band Fridge in the nineties. His 2004 debut solo album Homesongs was excellent but this, the followup, was fantastic. The concept was to merge science, space travel and astronomy with matters of the heart, weaving all manner of lyrical metaphors along these lines with beautifully subtle accousticly driven compositions. For me, science fiction has always been the most romantic of literary genres - and so the analogy is successfully appropriated. Geek folk.

youtube.com/adem - something's going to come
youtube.com/adem - launch yourself
youtube.com/adem - these lights are meaningful

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