Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Noughties #59: The Dirty Projectors "The Glad Fact" (Western Vinyl, 2003)

The Dirty Projectors have bean at the forefront of experimental art-folk throughout the decade. Essentially, the band is the project of David Longstreth, and his output is willfully glitchy and completely original. The eight or so albums he has produced have been steadily attacting attention, culminating in the comparatively accessible and critically aclaimed Bitte Orca, released last year. That album narrowly misses this list, but The Glad Fact, one of his earlier collections, is the first of two that are included.

youtube.com/the dirty projectors - my offwhite flag
youtube.com/the dirty projectors - like fake blood in crisp october
youtube.com/the dirty projectors - naked we made it

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