Saturday, 9 January 2010

Noughties #61: The Pipettes "We Are The Pipettes" (Interscope, 2006)

The Pipettes, from Brighton, sing about sex, love and boys - though mainly sex. They are the sort of gals that would have made Charles Hawtrey's right knee twitch and Sid James cackle like a Hyena. On this, their debut and only album, they transformed a homespun 7" enterprise into an international phenemomen. Their svengali, Bobby Monster, and local backing band The Cassettes can take some credit for creating this collection of sixties influenced pop gems - but The Pipettes pure charm and panache is the driving force. Indie chicks have never been sassier. Sadly RiotBecki and Rosay have now departed the band and their new incarnation has yet to materialize. It looks like The Pipettes may go down as one of those wild summer flings that we will always remember with dewy warmth.

Highlights: pipettes - dirty mind pipettes - your kisses are wasted on me pipettes - pull shapes

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