Thursday, 24 December 2009

Noughties #83: Prefuse 73 "One Word Extinguisher" (Warp, 2003)

Prefuse 73, or Miami's Scott Herren as his mother knows him, was pissed when this album leaked early to the scrambling blog hoardes six years ago - so much so he wrote an open letter to the masses. Not because he was concerned about copyright infringement, but because he knew the album was special, and that he wanted people to hear it in the right way, and in a way that was defined by himself. Scott Herren takes the populist break-beat mould, and warps it into abstract glitches. He is another hip hop producer who has pushed the medium more than most this decade - and a control freak.

Highlights: 73 - busy signal (make you go bombing mix) 73 - perverted undertone 73 - choking you

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