Sunday, 27 December 2009

Noughties #79: Ne-Yo "In My Own Words" (Universal, 2006)

No apologies for this one. I grew up on eighties groove, and have always had a softspot for sacherine R&B. Ne-Yo, or Schaffer Smith from Las Vegas, is primarily a song writer, and an impressive one. He has been writing for other acts since he was a teenager but if you've got the voice, and you got the looks, why should you write for others? The songwriting is old school but the production is slick and fresh. Although this is probably one of the more commercial albums in this list, in some ways it is the most impressive. How many artists in Ne-Yo's game can claim to have as much input into the creative process, and come up with a collection of music so consistently strong? However, I would suggest taking the advice given on the track "Mirror" with a pinch of salt. I tried it and found it a bit off-putting.

Highlights: - let me get this right - so sick - get down like that

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