Sunday, 14 December 2008


Pocahaunted are two wigged-out chicks from Eagle Rock California - who make intense native american tinged drones. Their music very rarely includes any lyrical form, just moans, chants and screams over varied percussion and earthy tones - sometimes peyote trippy, and sometimes just outright carnal. Where to start with Pocahaunted? Difficult to say. In the two short years that they have been releasing music, their labyrinthine discography includes eight or so full length albums and countless single releases, including splits. I have counted about five limited edition full-length releases this year - "Chains" (released on Teardrops), "Mirror Mics" (Wierd Forrest), "Island Diamonds" (Arbor), "Peyote Road" (Woodsist) and "Beast that Your Are" (cassette release on Night People). Also excellent is a split album with Robedor called "Hunted Gathering". And guess what - they all make me feel tingly - two girls play-acting out their native american obssessions for the benefit of our aural pleasure is just too charming!

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