Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Mission Statement

I have finally succeeded in setting up a blog. At this stage of the proceedings I am still not entirely sure how it is going to pan out, though I imagine it may well contain spontaneous ramblings combined with some opinionations on topics such as music, architecture, economics, politics, religion, sport and junk food. Though mainly music.

I'll try and maintain a healthy mix between the detritrus of my damaged brain and useful recommendations. It is also my intention to focus on new music, rather than bore you all with geeky fan-scribe on eighties indie-pop or old school hip hop.


Dylanvb@gmail.com said...

Well done old chap! I hope to see many recommendations for my musical pleasure. I also look forward to ramblings from your spacious mind!

love and stuff D x

Herbie Rice-Castles said...


Monkey said...

Hello, hello, hello!
A blog I can get my teeth into :)
Have a look at 'Bowerbirds' - You may like them!