Tuesday, 9 December 2008

D Double E / Newham Generals

Here is a cool website that issues Grime sets compiled directly from pirate radio broadcasts - grimetapes.com.
Their latest "compilation" is a bootleg greatest hits of London MC, D Double E (right) spanning six years of broadcasts and it is darned hot. This is an illicit appetiser to his first album next year with the Newham Generals/"Generally Speaking" which I'll be looking out for. Anyone seeking an alternative insight into the setting of drugs and violence that permeates youth gang culture in the UK would be served well by checking it too, judging by the promo videos on youtube they are not intending to hold back.

This music, though, never seems to make as much sense to me once sanitised and manufactured on official releases, so the experts at grimetapes hq are doing this listener a great service in collecting the best bits amongst the "shouts out" and delivering it to us gratis via the medium of rapidshare. And their back catalogue looks pretty extensive too.

www.myspace.com/d double e
www.youtube.com/newham generals - frontline

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