Thursday, 11 December 2008


These wee glaswegian fellows have announced the release of their debut album, "Hey Everyone" on April 6th with Best Before Records. I am now hunting high and low for a promo/leaked copy so that I can get my headgear around it early, as this wee southern fellow happens to think that they make a marvelous din. Loved what they've done so far - check out the single "Pink Sabbath".

The album has been recorded in NYC and will be preceded by a new single "Black Wax". Prior to this the band will be stretching their legs supporting The Foals on tour in the new year. I am rooting for them anyway, if only to prove that it is possible to make it with an obtusely unmarketable and unpronouncable name - how the hell am I going to tell people about them in the boozer when I can't even say it? - You know its like the bloke from Ghostbusters crossed with a banana and the theme from Batman. Fuck it - can't be bothered - mine's a Pride - who's going to win X-factor?

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