Sunday, 20 March 2011

Album Review: Mutual Benefit "I Saw The Sea" (kassette klub)

Mutual Benefit, is Jordan Lee from Boston - plus a handful of occasional collaborators. He has stated that the project "actually started from me being incredibly sad". I would say that the overall mood of I Saw The Sea is that of existential meloncholy rather than sadness - this is not music to ruin your day. Instead it soundtracks those moments where you spend an inordinate amount of time examining the minutae of your surroundings. Subtle dalliances with detail and mood are intended to resonate with bigger themes. The subject of this recording is the sea and the six tracks on this mini-album provide a delicate interprentation of one of natures great forces. Jordan muses (or "celebrates") the sea's dissipation of all matter into sand, as warm sounds ebb and and flow like a siren wooing us to distruction. Pretty music, and very promising. This is Jordan's third EP and I eagerly await the real deal - perhaps an album later in the year? (8/10) (kassette klub) - I Saw The Sea - Mutual Benefit

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