Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Noughties #53: Lincoln "Mettle" (Narwhal, 2002)

This is the last record I expected to become an obscurity. I would have had money on Lincoln, from North London, to go from strength to strength after this outstandingly confident debut album. Stewart Lee gave a positive live review of a London gig for the Sunday Times, now, Mettle doesn't even have a review on allmusic - and the band have disappeared without trace. Their music is alt-country influenced, but with an idiosyncratic british New Wave sensibility - not dissimilar to Lambchop. Alex Gordon's vocals are pure honey, and oh my god - TROMBONES! I had tickets to go and see them play at the Royal Festival Hall, but had to give them away due to other commitments - one of my greatest music regrets.

youtube.com/lincoln - my reasons are my own/great wall of china
youtube.com/lincoln - blood on the streets
youtube.com/lincoln - common ground

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